Muzzleloader hunting

Well deer hunting for 2017 is over…muzzleloader along with expanded archery are officially over. I had no luck filling any tags this year. Archery I’m still new at, but will be practicing big time this spring! So on this last day we got snow! 2 hours before legal time. The snow was pretty squeaky under my boots, making it difficult to walk around, but I did my part of that too. It gets tougher throughout the seasons, but I had to give it my all and I did. 

Also had a beautiful gray fox approach me in the woods. I saw him from a distance and squeaked him back this close. Fox season is open, and I let him walk. After all I was deer hunting and it’s the very last day, plus I only had 2 bullets left, and one was already in the gun. Well better luck next year. Watch out archery deer!!

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