Striper fishing

It’s that time of the year again for those striped bass! Whether you fish from shore, dock or a boat, it’s a lot of fun no matter how you do it. I’ve done it all those different ways and it’s a blast.

Well this year I’m going on a boat with 4 other women and we have 3 boats booked to go. June 27th is the date. These delicious white fish are very good eating fish. Hopefully the fishing will be good. Time will tell… well the fishing was awesome!! Lots of bait fish caught and then it was striper time! 

All 3 boats were packed with women some who haven’t!l Dr fished for stripers and then there were newbies. Every one of us caught fish. It took a long time for me to land one, but it just wasn’t happening. One of the ladies caught one and handed off the pole to me so I could bring one in.

So of all the ways I’ve fished stripers I think I prefer a boat at the mouth of rivers in the ocean. Next year is going to be a lot of fun now that I have learned a lot of new things from incredible woman.

These woman are a group that get advice, share their harvest stories and accomplishments. The group is run by Christi Holmes, a Maine Guide.

Christi caught the biggest one but no keepers on that trip. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. Her women’s group is a pleasure to belong to and you can find her @mainewomenhunters group on Facebook. So from this group and and the awesome crew and Captain Greg Metcalf in Kennebunkport.

Already can’t wait for next year!!

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