Grand Slam

Never in my life did I ever think I could ever go for a grand slam. I only had one other chance in 2011. Not knowing a lot about hunting, other than deer and birds. Not realizing that it takes a moose tag to go for a Grand Slam Well I have that chance this year. Wow, what a year!

I got my bear on opening day. Bear season can be a long season, the pre-baiting, carrying in bait every few days and all the hard work of setting up a site.  Knowing I had a short season to really sit over bait, cause I had a moose hunt coming up. My friend Erin told me, you should go for your grand! Hmm, I now need to concentrate on getting the Grand Slam, which means a bear, which I have, and a turkey, deer and hopefully a moose! So now I’m after turkeys, a deer and my moose. Nothing is guaranteed until it happens. So on a Monday I got my turkey. A whole flock walked by and when I thought the last one was there I took him. Just to find out the biggest one still wasn’t in.

Next was the deer, a doe. I got her in my expanded zone which I also had a bonus doe permit. I didn’t manage to get anymore even though I had two bucks going through, so bought my buck tag.  Now it’s October 20th I’m on my way to Houlton Maine. We arrived a day early to scout but it didn’t work out that way. The road we wanted to scout was very long and the camp we were going to stay at we couldn’t check in till Sunday, other hunters were booked at Umcolcus sporting camp. We got at Umcolcus unloaded stuff.  We didn’t see anything on our way over, and them dirt roads go on forever! Most beautiful country up there in zone 6. So we now we’re ready to just unpack, and walk around and check out this sporting camp, owned by Jeff Fay which is owner of Spaulding Lake Outfitters. I did my hound hunt with Jeff.

So Monday comes, we gear up and pack up a lunch. We decided to keep trailer and four wheeler at camp. To noisy to drag around with us. We traveled the St. Croix Road, it then turns into two camp rd. I never thought I would get it done in just a few hours of opening day for me. While Charlie drove around I climbed out on the door frame for a better look, and it was a bit chilly but a much better view. As we came down the long straight I noticed movement on my side of the road. I said stop! I see one, but the head was behind a tree and couldn’t tell if it was a bull or cow. Charlie grabs the binoculars for a better look and yells it’s a cow shoot! I told him get your gun just in case I need a follow up shot. So he runs back to get his gun. At the count of three we both fired. She turned but didn’t go down I fired off another and down she went. When I got to her over all the fallen trees and brush she was still alive, so I made the kill shot. So we dragged her to the road with just a truck and rope. I started gutting her as Charlie went back for trailer and 4 wheeler. The whole 2 hours I sat waiting for Charlie to come back, I only saw 2 other people, and one wasn’t a hunter. I proceeded to gut her out but with no help to hold a leg up it’s not an easy task.

Finally Charlie showed up and she was on the trailer and half and hour, not bad for just 2 people hunting such a large animal. She weighed 414 lbs. Probably a 4-6 year old. We decided to stay at camp for a few days but the cold weather and first snow storm was on its way, so we decided to head back.  Now with all that meat I needed another freezer. Now I can’t wait for the banquet and my Grand Slam patch!! 2018 was the best year I’ve ever had as a hunter.

Hopefully you all enjoy my experience during this time of hunting. I just wished my granddaughter could have experienced it with me.


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