Goose hunt October 12th

I have never gone after migratory birds, but I am fortunate to have a chance to do it with a group of amazing women. This group of women are from the Women Maine Hunters group! October 12th is the day! So we all met up at Cabela’s, over to Famous Dave’s park and ride at 4:30 am. So two vehicles were headed to southern Me. Sarah Elizabeth,and Emilie Cram rode up with me in my truck and Kandi Ward, Christi Holmes and Jeanie Cote rode up in her truck. Jeffery Doyle our guide and his good friend John L’Heureux gave us a quick instruction of what should happen and things we need to know while hunting. 

It started off misty and foggy. We walked down with head lamps cause it was dark. We get to where they set up the decoys, and I couldn’t believe how many I could see with just my light. Jeff and John were there around 1-2am setting up the goose set. The ground blinds were really cool! Great job with the camo work! So John and Jeff proceeded to tell us newbies what to expect and how far we could shoot. It’s nothing like deer hunting you can actually talk to each, and if no birds around you get to sit up and look around. I got a good look during the day and so many decoys.

I guess geese are late sleepers we were told. They were right, 7:15-7:30 am is when we heard our first honk! My heart starts racing thinking this is going to be easy. Well folks it’s not. They don’t always come in and land. They fly around, scope out the ground and then decide if they want to come in. We did get 3 to land with a larger group just hovering over the field and circling around a few times! It was so hard to contain my excitement! Hearing the wings flapping was way to cool. Even though they circled 3 times and got close they wouldn’t land. So we all tried shooting the 3 on the ground. Not one of us 6 shooters ever touch those birds. Christi did manage to get a decoy! What a great day!

We hunted till noon, did hear some shooting around us, but the weather was just not working in our favor. But I now have a duck stamp which means I can go hunting for them again on the 30th. The 12th was the last day of that season but opens back up the end of month. I’m hooked and now want a goose call. I know there’s a lot involved with hunting geese, between decoys and knowing where they’re at.

Hopefully I’ll get another chance to hunt geese again this year, cause that was a super fun day, and a great group of ladies to hang with! If you not tried hunting geese you need to at least try it. Sometimes the guide will have everything you’ll need. Loved it!!


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