Turkey Season who’s ready?

The big dumb bird a lot of people call them, but to hunters they can be pretty smart, and in the same gobble pretty dumb. They have very keen eye sight and being in flocks they have safety in numbers. Calling them in, in the spring is so much fun. Having the Toms answering back is such a rush, but to have them come running in to your decoys is precious!

Well turkey season is just around the corner and I can hardly wait, as most of us turkey hunters are. Well I can say I have been seeing a lot of turkeys around. So do you use decoy’s or just sit and wait while calling? This is the first season for a big game animal hunt for those going after their gland slam!! Good luck to anyone drawn in the moose lottery in June! I’m not eligible for this year, but next year I will be.

Everyone be safe on Monday May 3rd, and even more luck to the youths this season!!

Have a safe a productive season.


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