2nd Annual Striper fishing trip 2021

Well, after a cancelation for our trip, we finally got to go July 17th. A big shout out to the charter boats that took us women out to fish. We got there around 6:30, and on the boat by 7am.

We had some really big fish coming from the Striper Swiper! Actually, Tonya Fletcher caught a 35 inch beauty!!

It was a little cooler than they originally predicted, but no sun until the end of trip. Striper fishing from a boat is so much fun!! We fished with free leading line, and then changed over to bobber fishing. It’s so exciting watching the bobber go until water and the clicking noise from the reel…gets the heart just a pumping.

One day later and I’m already looking forward to next year! 3rd annual event!

These trips wouldn’t be possible without Christi Holmes from the Facebook page Maine Women Hunters. What a fantastic time, being with women that love doing the same thing.

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