Smelting is a Maine tradition that Mainers have enjoyed for many years. I have been doing this for many years. I have been smelting since 1998, compared to today is so far different. Back then I remember a full 5 gallon bucket between 3 people Now we have a 2 quart limit. I think I reached that limit once, since 1998. Smelting is like tail gating, get to meet a lot of new people, and make a few friends! There will be more trips and fun too be had and can’t wait.!!!! Well the next season after this one will hopefully be better that this year!!

It’s a hard season to predict year to year. It all depends on the weather and the low pressure systems. The amount of rain and warm weather we get. It can last till middle to late March, that is when I caught my most in a single night. Hopefully there is still some days left to fish.

Smelting is the best fun for a group of people to do and have a fantastic day at it. Sure hope more people want to pick up this hobby and have a bunch load of fun!!

Sure hope I could help out anybody, if not feel free to reach me here. Or at my page leadandlineadventures on Instagram. Be happy to help out anyone.

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