Youth & Turkey Hunting May, 2022

Spring turkey hunting, if you have ever had the opportunity to hunt in the spring I highly recommend that you do. There are so many ways that people hunt them. Some go out before daylight, legal time and try to locate roosting Tom’s. Usually a startling noise will make a Tom gobble, owl calls and coyote calls I hear do good. I usually find them in large pine trees. Hiding from the owls.

Well, youth hunt was on the April 30th and I had the opportunity to take a friend of mine Christy Leary’s daughter Charlotte out for her first turkey hunt at 5 and a half years-old. So proud of this little girl. She did such an awesome job sitting still as long as she did. As I saw the 3 beautiful Tom’s coming in I’m trying to get her set up put 410 on steady stick and helped her line up and BAM!! 2 Tom’s jumped to the left and the other bounced on the ground and took flight but didn’t go far. He came right down on other side of bush and laid down. I thought he walked off down over the hill. So it was only 6 am, so we sat for a while hoping one would come back. Nothing came through and it was coming up on 8 am.

So we decided to go look for the one we thought we wounded. As Charlotte and I walked thru the area he went down and walked into the woods a bit looked around. We didn’t see any and all of a sudden I hear “hey, that’s a stand!” Couldn’t believe she picked it out. So we started walking out and went just a little different course and I about stepped on him!!! Scared me to death. He took flight over Christy’s head and glided down the hill to the thick patch of thickets at bottom of hill. So we all head down to the bottom of the hill. Christy went one way and Charlotte and I the other way. As we were crossing the opening Christy yells he’s right here!!! So I got Charlotte in front of me helped hold the gun put her finger on the trigger and told her to shoot on 3….1…2….3BANG! He was just a flopping and worked himself right out of the thick stuff YEAH!!. That was one very happy young new hunter that can’t wait to go after her second.

Monday, opening day of spring turkey season. I went by myself and was in the same blind as Charlotte was in. Well I got there early enough to set up and watch and hear nature wake up. Once I heard the gobbling I did a couple hen yelps and sat back and waited. Well I had 2 Tom’s on the ground and they were coming up the same hill Charlotte’s came up lol. So as it played out the both got close enough together for a bit and then separate to get close again, so I waited and then it was time. I rolled one over with ease, but the other wasn’t going down without a fight. I had to go and take care of him.

The following Saturday we were going to take Charlotte out but she wasn’t feeling well, so just Christy came. Not one bird, no gobbles absolutely nothing. We packed up early.

Saturday, May 14th we had an hunt. Just Christy today too. We were both running late and I did get there first and set up things, while I sat in blind waiting for her to show up. I could hear them gobbling and they were getting close. Just as she showed so did the 2 Tom’s. They spotted me and clucked as they walked away. As soon as she was in I started calling again. Was hearing gobbling all around but nothing coming our way. So I asked her if she wanted to try and spot and stock. We ended up about 80 yards apart from birds so we gave up and went back to the blind, by this time we were both sweating pretty good. We even got to see a deer on our venture. So we sat talking about hunting and playing on our phones and next thing I knew Christy was hitting the side of my leg pointing towards the decoys, WOW the very bird she shot at this morning and the one we chased on a spot and stock and there he was!! I told her get your gun and he perk right up, I told her hold on…he got comfortable and started moving so I told her get your gun in position. She had the gun out but wasn’t shooting and he was starting to go past the walk way, where she did shoot and missed again!!! Well he came towards us from just outside of the wood line. I moved my chair really quickly and told her get down on ground and shoot out of bottom of door….I couldn’t see anything happening, all I saw was the gun moving around thinking please get him!!! I heard the shot and her yelling “I GOT HIM!! I GOT HIM!!!! I was so happy and proud she got her 1st turkey with me, along with her daughter.

They both have one more to get each and I hope I helped Christy learn somethings about turkey hunting. It’s not easy reading them or know what they will or will not do, even though you have a successful hunt doesn’t mean something else can’t happen.

I love doing spot and stocks and now seeing one done with a tail fan I’m hooked. I’ll be doing it next year for sure,

But my reason for my blog is to promote women and their children and young males that would also like to learn more about how to do different things and hopefully don’t mind taking advice from a woman.

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