Youth & Turkey Hunting May, 2022

Spring turkey hunting, if you have ever had the opportunity to hunt in the spring I highly recommend that you do. There are so many ways that people hunt them. Some go out before daylight, legal time and try to locate roosting Tom’s. Usually a startling noise will make a Tom gobble, owl calls and coyote calls I hear do good. I usually find them in large pine trees. Hiding from the owls.

Well, youth hunt was on the April 30th and I had the opportunity to take a friend of mine Christy Leary’s daughter Charlotte out for her first turkey hunt at 5 and a half years-old. So proud of this little girl. She did such an awesome job sitting still as long as she did. As I saw the 3 beautiful Tom’s coming in I’m trying to get her set up put 410 on steady stick and helped her line up and BAM!! 2 Tom’s jumped to the left and the other bounced on the ground and took flight but didn’t go far. He came right down on other side of bush and laid down. I thought he walked off down over the hill. So it was only 6 am, so we sat for a while hoping one would come back. Nothing came through and it was coming up on 8 am.

So we decided to go look for the one we thought we wounded. As Charlotte and I walked thru the area he went down and walked into the woods a bit looked around. We didn’t see any and all of a sudden I hear “hey, that’s a stand!” Couldn’t believe she picked it out. So we started walking out and went just a little different course and I about stepped on him!!! Scared me to death. He took flight over Christy’s head and glided down the hill to the thick patch of thickets at bottom of hill. So we all head down to the bottom of the hill. Christy went one way and Charlotte and I the other way. As we were crossing the opening Christy yells he’s right here!!! So I got Charlotte in front of me helped hold the gun put her finger on the trigger and told her to shoot on 3….1…2….3BANG! He was just a flopping and worked himself right out of the thick stuff YEAH!!. That was one very happy young new hunter that can’t wait to go after her second.

Monday, opening day of spring turkey season. I went by myself and was in the same blind as Charlotte was in. Well I got there early enough to set up and watch and hear nature wake up. Once I heard the gobbling I did a couple hen yelps and sat back and waited. Well I had 2 Tom’s on the ground and they were coming up the same hill Charlotte’s came up lol. So as it played out the both got close enough together for a bit and then separate to get close again, so I waited and then it was time. I rolled one over with ease, but the other wasn’t going down without a fight. I had to go and take care of him.

The following Saturday we were going to take Charlotte out but she wasn’t feeling well, so just Christy came. Not one bird, no gobbles absolutely nothing. We packed up early.

Saturday, May 14th we had an hunt. Just Christy today too. We were both running late and I did get there first and set up things, while I sat in blind waiting for her to show up. I could hear them gobbling and they were getting close. Just as she showed so did the 2 Tom’s. They spotted me and clucked as they walked away. As soon as she was in I started calling again. Was hearing gobbling all around but nothing coming our way. So I asked her if she wanted to try and spot and stock. We ended up about 80 yards apart from birds so we gave up and went back to the blind, by this time we were both sweating pretty good. We even got to see a deer on our venture. So we sat talking about hunting and playing on our phones and next thing I knew Christy was hitting the side of my leg pointing towards the decoys, WOW the very bird she shot at this morning and the one we chased on a spot and stock and there he was!! I told her get your gun and he perk right up, I told her hold on…he got comfortable and started moving so I told her get your gun in position. She had the gun out but wasn’t shooting and he was starting to go past the walk way, where she did shoot and missed again!!! Well he came towards us from just outside of the wood line. I moved my chair really quickly and told her get down on ground and shoot out of bottom of door….I couldn’t see anything happening, all I saw was the gun moving around thinking please get him!!! I heard the shot and her yelling “I GOT HIM!! I GOT HIM!!!! I was so happy and proud she got her 1st turkey with me, along with her daughter.

They both have one more to get each and I hope I helped Christy learn somethings about turkey hunting. It’s not easy reading them or know what they will or will not do, even though you have a successful hunt doesn’t mean something else can’t happen.

I love doing spot and stocks and now seeing one done with a tail fan I’m hooked. I’ll be doing it next year for sure,

But my reason for my blog is to promote women and their children and young males that would also like to learn more about how to do different things and hopefully don’t mind taking advice from a woman.


Smelting is a Maine tradition that Mainers have enjoyed for many years. I have been doing this for many years. I have been smelting since 1998, compared to today is so far different. Back then I remember a full 5 gallon bucket between 3 people Now we have a 2 quart limit. I think I reached that limit once, since 1998. Smelting is like tail gating, get to meet a lot of new people, and make a few friends! There will be more trips and fun too be had and can’t wait.!!!! Well the next season after this one will hopefully be better that this year!!

It’s a hard season to predict year to year. It all depends on the weather and the low pressure systems. The amount of rain and warm weather we get. It can last till middle to late March, that is when I caught my most in a single night. Hopefully there is still some days left to fish.

Smelting is the best fun for a group of people to do and have a fantastic day at it. Sure hope more people want to pick up this hobby and have a bunch load of fun!!

Sure hope I could help out anybody, if not feel free to reach me here. Or at my page leadandlineadventures on Instagram. Be happy to help out anyone.

Bear Hunting 2021

So 2021 season started off pretty good. I was at a friends camp that I have hunted for several years. But the last 3 years didn’t go so well. Long story short, my friend got upset over something stupid and left me to bait myself. He was going to walk in as I followed, making the bear think 1 person in 1 person out. Sunday night plans were made and Monday morning everything blew up!!

I chose to rant a bit with no names, and after the turmoil I had a guide tell me to come to his place and he would put me on an active stand. I big shout out to JR Guide Service up past Jackman. I got there Thursday night late. I ended up on 4 wheeler trails cause I got lost. Eventually I found the main road again, and Jeff was picking up clients and directed me to a couple camp sites. The next morning I rode with him while he baited sites to show me a couple I could choose from. After showing me the first site we proceeded to bait 3 more sites. Every site was hit! So the next day I proceeded to the site he first recommended and I couldn’t remember where the trail went in. I was so flustered that I got emotional. So I went to the other site which was already hit after baiting that morning. I ended up on the second day to hunt on the first stand, which I still couldn’t find trail. So I sat at end of road for almost an hour and he didn’t drive by. So I proceeded back up to see if I could find it. Before I left the bottom of the road a made a teepee out of logs, and he came right up when he saw them. Needless to say I still got into the stand by 2pm.

Around 6pm I saw black movement off to my right. So I waited as it took it’s sweet time to come in. It came close to my stand and then walked to barrel. The 55 gallon drum was on it’s side and this bear’s back barely made it to the middle of barrel. I felt so bad for this baby probably not even 100 lbs. It couldn’t move the barrel and barely got a log to move to get some food which it did. I got to watch it for 20 minutes. It was very nervous and kept looking to my right. The bear finally ran off, so I figured something else was coming.

I waited for about another 20 minutes before she appeared from around a blown over tree with roots. Once she got to the barrel I knew it wasn’t the same bear. She was bigger and had no problem moving the logs. So I got my gun out and lined up on her and watched her go in and out of barrel several times as I was lining up my shot. About the 4th or 5th time in I took the shot.

She bounced so hard that she tossed the barrel to one side as she flopped around on the other side, and she didn’t go but 20 yards from site. Hearing the death mown so soon I know she didn’t suffer long. I sat for a few minutes with 20 minutes left of daylight. I was told to meet Jeff at the end of the road if I got one. So I sat and sat and sat, until I saw headlights! But it wasn’t Jeff. Just a person cutting through. Then another set of lights were coming, it was Jeff’s nephew and told me he was on his way.

Finally he shows, we drive back up and the bear had to go into his truck cause my sleeping quarters were inside. So Jeff drove my truck, I jumped into his with my bear and we raced to the tagging station, just making it. She was put into cold storage for the night. We headed back to camp and one of the camp houses opened cause other hunters left early, so I was hoping for a good hot shower and nice bed, but it turned out one of the campers there their wife got drunk and was creating a scene, so Jeff offered his camper for me for the night.

If anyone wants hospitality and a fun guide, I suggest JR Guide Service near Lincoln. Lots of woods there for sure. I will definitely go up there again. Met a bunch of new people and Jeff’s future wife Stacie while enjoying the outfitter after scene.

Thank you Jeff Reese for being such a nice person and friend for all you did for me!! Never to be forgotten!!

2nd Annual Striper fishing trip 2021

Well, after a cancelation for our trip, we finally got to go July 17th. A big shout out to the charter boats that took us women out to fish. We got there around 6:30, and on the boat by 7am.

We had some really big fish coming from the Striper Swiper! Actually, Tonya Fletcher caught a 35 inch beauty!!

It was a little cooler than they originally predicted, but no sun until the end of trip. Striper fishing from a boat is so much fun!! We fished with free leading line, and then changed over to bobber fishing. It’s so exciting watching the bobber go until water and the clicking noise from the reel…gets the heart just a pumping.

One day later and I’m already looking forward to next year! 3rd annual event!

These trips wouldn’t be possible without Christi Holmes from the Facebook page Maine Women Hunters. What a fantastic time, being with women that love doing the same thing.

Turkey Season who’s ready?

The big dumb bird a lot of people call them, but to hunters they can be pretty smart, and in the same gobble pretty dumb. They have very keen eye sight and being in flocks they have safety in numbers. Calling them in, in the spring is so much fun. Having the Toms answering back is such a rush, but to have them come running in to your decoys is precious!

Well turkey season is just around the corner and I can hardly wait, as most of us turkey hunters are. Well I can say I have been seeing a lot of turkeys around. So do you use decoy’s or just sit and wait while calling? This is the first season for a big game animal hunt for those going after their gland slam!! Good luck to anyone drawn in the moose lottery in June! I’m not eligible for this year, but next year I will be.

Everyone be safe on Monday May 3rd, and even more luck to the youths this season!!

Have a safe a productive season.


Goose hunt October 12th

I have never gone after migratory birds, but I am fortunate to have a chance to do it with a group of amazing women. This group of women are from the Women Maine Hunters group! October 12th is the day! So we all met up at Cabela’s, over to Famous Dave’s park and ride at 4:30 am. So two vehicles were headed to southern Me. Sarah Elizabeth,and Emilie Cram rode up with me in my truck and Kandi Ward, Christi Holmes and Jeanie Cote rode up in her truck. Jeffery Doyle our guide and his good friend John L’Heureux gave us a quick instruction of what should happen and things we need to know while hunting. 

It started off misty and foggy. We walked down with head lamps cause it was dark. We get to where they set up the decoys, and I couldn’t believe how many I could see with just my light. Jeff and John were there around 1-2am setting up the goose set. The ground blinds were really cool! Great job with the camo work! So John and Jeff proceeded to tell us newbies what to expect and how far we could shoot. It’s nothing like deer hunting you can actually talk to each, and if no birds around you get to sit up and look around. I got a good look during the day and so many decoys.

I guess geese are late sleepers we were told. They were right, 7:15-7:30 am is when we heard our first honk! My heart starts racing thinking this is going to be easy. Well folks it’s not. They don’t always come in and land. They fly around, scope out the ground and then decide if they want to come in. We did get 3 to land with a larger group just hovering over the field and circling around a few times! It was so hard to contain my excitement! Hearing the wings flapping was way to cool. Even though they circled 3 times and got close they wouldn’t land. So we all tried shooting the 3 on the ground. Not one of us 6 shooters ever touch those birds. Christi did manage to get a decoy! What a great day!

We hunted till noon, did hear some shooting around us, but the weather was just not working in our favor. But I now have a duck stamp which means I can go hunting for them again on the 30th. The 12th was the last day of that season but opens back up the end of month. I’m hooked and now want a goose call. I know there’s a lot involved with hunting geese, between decoys and knowing where they’re at.

Hopefully I’ll get another chance to hunt geese again this year, cause that was a super fun day, and a great group of ladies to hang with! If you not tried hunting geese you need to at least try it. Sometimes the guide will have everything you’ll need. Loved it!!


Grand Slam

Never in my life did I ever think I could ever go for a grand slam. I only had one other chance in 2011. Not knowing a lot about hunting, other than deer and birds. Not realizing that it takes a moose tag to go for a Grand Slam Well I have that chance this year. Wow, what a year!

I got my bear on opening day. Bear season can be a long season, the pre-baiting, carrying in bait every few days and all the hard work of setting up a site.  Knowing I had a short season to really sit over bait, cause I had a moose hunt coming up. My friend Erin told me, you should go for your grand! Hmm, I now need to concentrate on getting the Grand Slam, which means a bear, which I have, and a turkey, deer and hopefully a moose! So now I’m after turkeys, a deer and my moose. Nothing is guaranteed until it happens. So on a Monday I got my turkey. A whole flock walked by and when I thought the last one was there I took him. Just to find out the biggest one still wasn’t in.

Next was the deer, a doe. I got her in my expanded zone which I also had a bonus doe permit. I didn’t manage to get anymore even though I had two bucks going through, so bought my buck tag.  Now it’s October 20th I’m on my way to Houlton Maine. We arrived a day early to scout but it didn’t work out that way. The road we wanted to scout was very long and the camp we were going to stay at we couldn’t check in till Sunday, other hunters were booked at Umcolcus sporting camp. We got at Umcolcus unloaded stuff.  We didn’t see anything on our way over, and them dirt roads go on forever! Most beautiful country up there in zone 6. So we now we’re ready to just unpack, and walk around and check out this sporting camp, owned by Jeff Fay which is owner of Spaulding Lake Outfitters. I did my hound hunt with Jeff.

So Monday comes, we gear up and pack up a lunch. We decided to keep trailer and four wheeler at camp. To noisy to drag around with us. We traveled the St. Croix Road, it then turns into two camp rd. I never thought I would get it done in just a few hours of opening day for me. While Charlie drove around I climbed out on the door frame for a better look, and it was a bit chilly but a much better view. As we came down the long straight I noticed movement on my side of the road. I said stop! I see one, but the head was behind a tree and couldn’t tell if it was a bull or cow. Charlie grabs the binoculars for a better look and yells it’s a cow shoot! I told him get your gun just in case I need a follow up shot. So he runs back to get his gun. At the count of three we both fired. She turned but didn’t go down I fired off another and down she went. When I got to her over all the fallen trees and brush she was still alive, so I made the kill shot. So we dragged her to the road with just a truck and rope. I started gutting her as Charlie went back for trailer and 4 wheeler. The whole 2 hours I sat waiting for Charlie to come back, I only saw 2 other people, and one wasn’t a hunter. I proceeded to gut her out but with no help to hold a leg up it’s not an easy task.

Finally Charlie showed up and she was on the trailer and half and hour, not bad for just 2 people hunting such a large animal. She weighed 414 lbs. Probably a 4-6 year old. We decided to stay at camp for a few days but the cold weather and first snow storm was on its way, so we decided to head back.  Now with all that meat I needed another freezer. Now I can’t wait for the banquet and my Grand Slam patch!! 2018 was the best year I’ve ever had as a hunter.

Hopefully you all enjoy my experience during this time of hunting. I just wished my granddaughter could have experienced it with me.


Striper fishing

It’s that time of the year again for those striped bass! Whether you fish from shore, dock or a boat, it’s a lot of fun no matter how you do it. I’ve done it all those different ways and it’s a blast.

Well this year I’m going on a boat with 4 other women and we have 3 boats booked to go. June 27th is the date. These delicious white fish are very good eating fish. Hopefully the fishing will be good. Time will tell… well the fishing was awesome!! Lots of bait fish caught and then it was striper time! 

All 3 boats were packed with women some who haven’t!l Dr fished for stripers and then there were newbies. Every one of us caught fish. It took a long time for me to land one, but it just wasn’t happening. One of the ladies caught one and handed off the pole to me so I could bring one in.

So of all the ways I’ve fished stripers I think I prefer a boat at the mouth of rivers in the ocean. Next year is going to be a lot of fun now that I have learned a lot of new things from incredible woman.

These woman are a group that get advice, share their harvest stories and accomplishments. The group is run by Christi Holmes, a Maine Guide.

Christi caught the biggest one but no keepers on that trip. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. Her women’s group is a pleasure to belong to and you can find her @mainewomenhunters group on Facebook. So from this group and and the awesome crew and Captain Greg Metcalf in Kennebunkport.

Already can’t wait for next year!!


Winter is here and with a vengeance. Winter usually means lots of snow, wind and cold weather keeping most people inside. Specially so this year due to these frigid temperatures. Winters past we haven’t had a lot of snow or cold to do the outdoor activities that winter time brings.

Well snowshoeing is one of those winter time activities that I plan on enjoying as  much as possible this year with the abundance of snow we’re having so far this year. There are a lot of benefits to snowshoeing.

It combats the winter blues. It’s easy to learn and lots of family fun. You can experience wildlife on all the public land that is accessible. It’s a very low impact aerobic sport that burns more calories than walking or running! You can burn from 420-1000 calories per hour. It’s very affordable, once the gear is in hand the rest is just finding places to go.

It gives you experiences of landscape you might not be able to get to any other time off the seasons. Snowshoeing allows you to walk on snow that could be knee to waist deep with ease. Your kind of floating on the snow. 

Now time to go out and enjoy!!

Hunting alone…

Being a grandmother the joys of spending time with your grandkids  is over powering. I have an 11 year old who really loves the outdoors. I’ve taken her camping,  fishing, the fireworks, ice fishing and she really wanted to go hunting with Grammy this yr. I sure was hoping for that too. All set to get her a better bow because she really liked mine. Well soon after January I lost all rights to her, I told my lawyer about things he should have told me. So now I haven’t seen her since January of 2017, and this is where my story for her begins, so I can keep her alive for me. She is forever in my heart. Love you sweetie!!