Winter is here and with a vengeance. Winter usually means lots of snow, wind and cold weather keeping most people inside. Specially so this year due to these frigid temperatures. Winters past we haven’t had a lot of snow or cold to do the outdoor activities that winter time brings.

Well snowshoeing is one of those winter time activities that I plan on enjoying as  much as possible this year with the abundance of snow we’re having so far this year. There are a lot of benefits to snowshoeing.

It combats the winter blues. It’s easy to learn and lots of family fun. You can experience wildlife on all the public land that is accessible. It’s a very low impact aerobic sport that burns more calories than walking or running! You can burn from 420-1000 calories per hour. It’s very affordable, once the gear is in hand the rest is just finding places to go.

It gives you experiences of landscape you might not be able to get to any other time off the seasons. Snowshoeing allows you to walk on snow that could be knee to waist deep with ease. Your kind of floating on the snow. 

Now time to go out and enjoy!!

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